Top Reasons Why Custom Furniture Is the Superior Choice

Have you ever visited someone else’s home only to see the exact same piece of furniture that you have in your living room? The truth is that most furniture is mass-produced, which means that the sofa that you adore may have thousands of replicas in homes across the country. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the furniture in your home is one-of-a-kind? That’s what you get when you purchase custom made furniture. Custom furniture is created for you, as every element of its design and construction can be made to order. For example, when you purchase custom sofas in Long Island, NY, you determine the style, size, components, fabric, and color.

But aside from having a piece that you know is unique to your home, what are the other benefits of purchasing custom made furniture? While some of the advantages are obvious, others are more subtle. Keep reading below to learn the top reasons that custom furniture is superior to mass-produced pieces.

Better Quality

When you commission the creation of a custom piece of furniture, you’re getting pieces that are made by skilled craftsmen using the finest quality materials in most cases. Each piece is a unique work of art, and those who are charged with building it focuses on every minute detail to produce the exact piece of furniture you desire. Mass-produced furniture is usually made from cheaper materials and is assembled by machines or workers who are not trained as carpenters or upholsterers. The focus is not on attention to detail or the quality of each individual piece, but rather the volume of pieces that are produced. Some mass-produced furniture is of higher quality, but often, the price point for those pieces is prohibitive.

Appreciates Rather Than Depreciates

When you buy a piece of mass-produced furniture, the purpose of the furniture is usually primarily utilitarian. Since it’s not one-of-a-kind, it has no inherent value as a work of art. Therefore, as it ages and becomes worn, its value diminishes significantly. However, a custom piece is unique. In fact, there won’t be another exactly like it in the world. That quality conveys additional value on custom furnishings that can result in increased value over time, specifically for coveted pieces made by master craftsmen. When you buy custom furniture, you’re actually making an investment in an item that carries a functional purpose while also serving as a creative work that will appreciate in value.

Perfect Fit, Form, and Function

Many homeowners have fought the battle of trying to wedge large furniture into a small room or select a color or pattern that comes close to matching other furnishings but just doesn’t quite fit the bill. Mass-produced furniture is made to be uniform, which means that you rarely find a piece that fits perfectly in your living space. However, when you purchase custom furniture, your exact measurements are used to create a piece that will fit flawlessly into your home. There’s something to be said about having a piece that was conceived to meet your specifications regarding size, shape, color, style, and texture. Additional features such as hidden drawers or specialty wood can be incorporated into your design. You can get your sofas and chairs crafted from a fabric that features the perfect color, texture, and level of resilience you desire. When you buy mass-produced furniture, you must select from more generalized designs and limited colors, which means you rarely find a perfect fit.

If you’re in the market for new furniture, consider opting for custom pieces made by master craftsmen. You’ll get higher quality, greater intrinsic value, and a perfect fit for your lifestyle and accompanying interior space. To learn more about the reasons that custom furniture is the superior choice when selecting furnishings, contact Classic Sofa NY at (212) 620-0485.