Top Couch Trends for 2019 You Can’t Miss

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll buy for any sitting room or living room. Large and visually dominant, couches are your opportunity to give a room elegance, comfort and style. Companies that construct custom couches are seeing a huge demand for certain materials, design elements, and shapes. If you want the best sofa for your living space, here are the most common trends that you should keep your eye on in 2019.

Understated Elegance

Rococo sofas of the past that adorn ornate clawfoot legs, feminine armrests, sleigh shapes, heart shapes, and other signs of complex silhouettes are just that — a design of yesteryear. Understated elegance and minimalism is a key design component today. That means investing in a sofa that’s not gilded and overstated, but simple and clean-lined. This understated elegance is more about perfectly constructed seams that run perfectly without any variance as well as fine textiles that showcase the investment in quality. Custom couch manufacturers can help you craft a modern design that will provide a clean slate and cornerstone to build the room around.

Velvet and Velour

Soft and colorful, sometimes with a sheen that provides a beautiful glossy finish, velvet and velour fabrics are in for 2019. These fabrics are so eye-catching that they’re perfect for your sofa upholstery. They can center the color scheme for a room, especially if you choose a fabric in a bright color like muted blue-gray or emerald green. This fabric catches the light and adds texture. There’s no need to line a velour or velvet sofa with contrast throw pillows, the pop of color already inherent in the piece makes for enough splash and adding two throw pillows of the same fabric does the job perfectly.

Green sofa with dog


Retro designs are back with new furnishings reflecting the design elements of mid-century modern. Retro sofas make a great statement in any room. Look for natural wood finishes, simple and lean sofa legs, straight lines, and low seatbacks. These retro designs fit seamlessly into virtually any design scheme. They’re just old-fashioned enough to form a perfect backdrop for your antiques, but they’re clean-lined and have a simplistic look that can add warmth to an ultra-modern space. Plus, retro furnishings give homes a minimal, clean look.


Tufting refers to a fabric construction that includes dips or depressions–often with buttons– in a grid-like pattern. Tufting presses soft stuffing forward for comfortable back support but also offers a restrained, elegant appearance that is sure to make a big impression. Tufting looks great with modern designs because of its old-fashioned, enduring appeal. But it’s also a touch of a classic look that can tie in your old-fashioned décor, too. Combine tufting with retro design shapes for the ultimate statement in sofa design. Stores that build custom couches can carefully construct tufting so that it’s neat and beautifully constructed. Avoid buying tufted furniture from a discount retailer. This precise feature may be poorly constructed and can look messy when machine-built. For the best custom couches, trust only a tufting company that’s sure to impress.

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